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I tend to listen to “weird” music–the type of music that you tend not to talk about in polite company.  Not that there is anything wrong with it–it’s just not what you will hear on the radio…and most people think you’re weird when you try to describe it.

My favorite-band-ever (at least until recently) is the power metal/symphonic metal band Kamelot.  Now, I think Roy Khan has one of the best (and Sexiest) voices in rock, which is mostly why I am obsessed with the band.  Now that he left (more on that to follow), my status as a serious Kamelot fan is in jeopardy.

Kamelot, and most of the other bands I listen to, have distinct creepy sides, but usually it’s more like “Aww, you’re trying to be sinister?  That’s cute.”  than “Oh dear I better lock my doors and windows.”

However, every once in a while these bands do succeed, and Kamelot’s latest video truly enters creepy-ville:

So, given this as context, although I am crushed, and I mean crushed that Khan is leaving, I can’t help but chuckle about it a bit.  The reason he cites for leaving the band is, paraphrased, that he found God.  While that may be good for him, I just can’t get over the fact that that is his last work with the band.  Yes! The man with the creepy fingernails and black mouth is really a God-fearing soul! (Not to mention the further irony of the line in the chorus “I spoke to God but he wasn’t there…”)


Speaking of Khan’s Sexy-with-a-capitol-S voice, now I feel obligated to share an example of said Sexy voice:

or, if you prefer,

(note: this second song is the version from the original Ghost Opera album; I much prefer the remastered version off the Second Coming, but couldn’t find it online/am using my new computer that still lacks my music library)


However, my true reason for posting tonight has relatively little to do with Kamelot.  I’ve been using my newly-released-to-the-US Spotify account and this website:  http://www.sharemyplaylist.com to search for new music.  And I am just struck again and again by how so many of these bands take themselves way, way too seriously.

As an example, take one of my other favorite bands, Serenity.  Love their music, and love the song, but I would actually be a little concerned if someone could make it through the first minute of the following video with a straight face.  In one minute there are horses, a hawk, bad period piece costumes (from just what period, I don’t think I, or anyone, could say, but there is a tricorn hat involved), a serious soul patch, a girl on girl make out session (meanwhile our lead singer looks moodily into the distance), and the list could continue  But don’t take my word for it–see for yourself!

What were they thinking?  Did they intend to make a serious video?  I hope not, but fear so.


And, I let myself get distracted again.  My only intention in posting tonight was to mention this truly ridiculous song off a truly ridiculous album:

Yup, pretty sure it’s an entire album dedicated to pirate music.  Nooot sure what the logic behind that was…

While a certain amount of whimsy is good (and certainly preferable to Serenity as exhibited above), I’m just not sure who wants to listen to a pirate themed album!


Post 1

After the grueling and intense “work” of updating my user profile, I simply do not have the energy to post any of the several nerd-tastic rants and rambles that have been building up over the course of the summer and furiously banging around the inside of my skull.  (And trust me, there are quite a few of them up there.)

Therefore, there is nothing to be done but to leave you with this:

and the following warning:  Never underestimate the power of baby animals, especially when their actions are set to music.